Coffee, Coffee, Coffee-Clyde Coffee

Happy Saturday!  I was headed out on errands, including a trip to a local farmer’s market.  It was a bit chilly, and I decided to wait out the sprinkly rain storm at Clyde’s Coffee.  I hadn’t been in there in a while.   It is a pleasant little coffee shop in our ‘south of downtown’ area.  It is a popular study spot for university students.  It is close to campus and the areas where many of the students live.

On a summer Saturday, studying was at a minimum, but people wandered in.   I really enjoyed my visit.  It is a pleasant shop.  I had breakfast and coffee.  I am glad I stopped in.  The rain stopped, sun came out and I continued across the bridge to the market.  Didn’t buy anything, but spent a pleasant time wandering around.  People watching, looking at everyone’s produce.  Almost bought some huckleberries-maybe next week.

Have a great weekend.


Adding bonus shots this week!  These are ‘on my way’ to & from the market.  I crossed the bridge twice, once on the east side, and once on the west side.

The away from….includes the river, and the shots that caught my interest on the ‘other’ side.

And finally….. a couple of market shots.  Lots of people, lots of goodies…

Our town is nicknamed ‘The Garden City’.  There was a time when there were large truck gardens here.  We now have many, many gardens…enough nearby gardens to fill two Saturday Farmer’s Markets, and flower gardens galore.  We also love to ‘decorate’ street corners in town and all around with small (and not so small gardens)   Here are a couple of shots of those gardens…


We revel in summer’s color!

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