This post has been simmering for quite a while.  I have been entertaining a multitude of thoughts these last few weeks.  One of the purposes of this blog is to inspire me to take a closer look at my hometown.  I have lived in the same town for all of my life.  I haven’t done a lot of traveling.  I would love to travel, but free time and $$ curtail that.

I live in a lovely city in Montana.  We are in the Rocky Mountains.   I work in the service industry-as a motel desk clerk.  I meet many fascinating people.  So, people I have met, things I have seen fuel my meandering thought process.  Buckle in…

I have been noticing the ‘little’ things.  We have flower barrels at the motel.  We plant flowers there every year.  Flowers, particularly pansies, get the reputation of being delicate, weak, BUT they are anything but….the seeds fall, and they search out any place to grow.  They amaze me with their determination!

I also love to watch the birds.  Our town has many trees, and the birds nest in them.  They also nest in store signs, any part of building where they can sneak in and nest.  I am sure we have a nest in the overhang at the motel.  I can hear the birds singing, but that nest is well hidden.    Adaptability is a key to survival.  All of nature understands this, but why are some humans so reluctant to admit it? I look back at who I was in my 20’s, 30’s, and early 40’s….I like who I became (and am still becoming) in my later 40’s, 50’s & now early 60’s.

I had a bit of scare last week.  To begin the story, I have to go back to a clumsy fall I took.  I wasn’t hurt seriously, avoided a concussion, but I reawakened an old whiplash injury.  So…last week, I was driving home from work.  It had been a crazy, interesting, but not stressful night.  All of the sudden my left arm starts going totally numb.  I panic, pull over, adjust my seat belt and feel better.  Still in panic mode, I go home.  My heart rate is normal, I feel ok, and am setting down from the ebbing scare.   It happens the next morning when I buckle my seat belt.  The seat belt is pinching off a nerve.  I fix it, and now realize what happened the previous evening.  I decided then at there that I need to start taking a daily walk, to fight my mostly sedentary life style.  I challenged myself to take daily walks, and post photos to Instagram and Facebook.  My way of holding myself accountable.

I walking in my neighborhood, the new recreation fields, the downtown Saturday markets, I am staying in touch with my town, with people’s lives.  I am also enjoying books on Audible as I walk.  So…a win/win.

Some of my neighborhood walk photos…

And then they are doing massive additions to a complex of sporting fields.  They used to have a small walking trail, a few baseball diamonds and a tennis court. NOW….it has tripled or quadrupled in size.  It looks like great fun.  They have all kinds of new walking trails, several playgrounds, large picnic area.  I took a few photos.

I look forward to exploring this new area in the future.

I love the lavendar plant/herb.  I love the fragrance, use it to safeguard my wool yarn from moths, have a few plants growing in a pot.  I have discovered that many of my fellow townsfolk love the plant, and I have seen it growing in many gardens.  The bees love it also.  Many hives have lavender flavored honey.

Today’s walk was downtown.  We have bar that has been here for more years than I can count.  It is a working man’s place, and is known for its ‘brains & eggs’.  They also believe in beautifying the area outside of the bar.  I love to visit and see each year’s flower offerings.                                                                                                                                                           I am hoping to keep up this walking and observing habit.  Since sharing encourages me, I will be sharing some of my daily walks with you.


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