Coffee, Coffee, Coffee-Drum Coffee South Ave.

I had a great cup of coffee and a wonderful chocolate treat at Drum Coffee yesterday.  Drum is a fun stop.  The Coffee shop is owned by a drummer for a well known band.  They play great music at both locations, but the emphasis is not on the owner, but on the shop.

I stopped at the premier location yesterday.  I hadn’t been by in a while. It was good to reconnect.  The shop is bright with natural light.  They also have a great patio for outdoor seating.  They take a unique look at the treats they serve. Shortbread with bits of Greek Olives, chocolate ‘beet’ cake, great salads and sandwiches.

When they opened their second location, which I will revisit soon, they installed a coffee roaster at that location.  They now serve their own roasted coffee, sell their whole beans, and are looking at other outlets to sell it.  I am so happy to see them growing and thriving.

They also believe in giving back to the community.  When you stop in and buy a cup of coffee you can take a wooden token.  There are three glass containers, each one has the name of a local charity on it.  You can then drop your token in the container of your choice.  At the end of the quarter, a portion of the profits is donated to each charity based on the number of tokens.  It is great fun to give a little back, somehow it makes your coffee taste better.  It is also a great way to learn about a charity you might previously been unaware of.

I didn’t have my knitting with me, but Drum is a great place to knit.  I chatted with the manager, enjoyed my coffee and read my Kindle.

I love the idea of local business, and they are my preferred places to support.  I will also stretch that local to my state.  If a business opened originally in another part of the state and opens a location here, I will make sure to try them out.

Local businesses help paint the portrait of your town.  They are unique, and should celebrate all the things that make your town yours.  Please patronize and celebrate your local places.

When I travel I love to go to the local places I can find.  They create great memories, and help me learn a bit about the town I am in.   If I had unlimited funds and time for travel, I would visit specific places and live like a citizen of the place for a few weeks or months.  I would explore and celebrate the places that make that city unique.

Celebrate uniqueness!  Celebrate differences!  Leave judgemental attitudes behind!

Here are few pictures.

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