Massive Project

Early in April a friend had a birthday.  I have known her since she was around 12.  When my second son was born, she adored him, and loved to be his big sister.  She is now a lovely woman, with a family of her own.  I wanted to find this photo so I could attach it to her Facebook page for her birthday.

That plan hatched an enormous project!   I couldn’t find that photo. I went through ALL of my photos and decided that this would never happen again!  I was going to scan all of my photos, so that I didn’t lose them again.  I did find that photo in one of the last places I looked.

This project is great fun.  I scan a few every day.  I save them to Google Photos so that I can share them.  My family has links to everything, and I think they are enjoying this project as much as I am.

If I am quiet here on WordPress, it’s because I am putting together my photo history.  I will share a few of the photos here.  These photos don’t show any of my family because I refuse to post pictures of them without their permission.  These photos are just various ones I have snapped-usually because it caught my attention.

4 thoughts on “Massive Project

  1. My daughter’s security stuffed toy was a stuffed dog, affectionately named ‘Old Puppy’. He came into our lives via a mud puddle. My oldest son was riding his bike and found Old Puppy in a mud puddle. He brought the puppy home, and we washed him. Beth adopted him, and an long adventure began. Because he dropped into our lives, and because she tended to find him safe places wherever she was, I was always worried he would drop back out of our lives. Twenty five years later, he’s still around. I have a real fondness for lost animals, real & stuffed. I didn’t want to adopt this one, in case there was a tearful child looking for him.

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