Still Here-Cogitating

I am still here.  I have been doing some cogitating.  You will probably be treated to the results of this cogitating when I get into legible thought.   I have also been sorting through photos, and learning how to scan and save.  Will share some of those photos, too.  They do fit into my thinking.

I haven’t visited a new coffee place yet.  I am trying to decide which one I want to visit next.

It is amazing what starts working in your heart and mind when viewing 50+ years of photos.  Some of those photos are of me, my growing up, my high school years, and most of them are of my kids, places we have been, events that have happened.

As usual, this started because a good friend had a birthday. I remembered a specific photo I wanted to share with her.  I started going through all of my photos. I never did find that photo, but I found so much more!  Little by little, those photos are being scanned into my computer.  I will then save most of them to flash drives for my kids.  I haven’t decided what I will do with the actual photos. In this day and age, it is good to have electronic copies of them, also.  Everything I save into my computer also goes into the cloud.

Saving photos and blogging fit into my desire to record life.  My life, life  going on around me.  Recording life, living life, enjoying life!

You will be hearing more from me about these photos, and I will be sharing some of them.  I am sharing some flower photos because in many parts of the US we are experiencing ‘The Winter that will not End!’   I live in a pocket of Montana where spring is trying harder than other places, but we aren’t there yet.  So, in hopes, sharing some color.  The large photo below is from just a few days ago.  It is lavendar.  I accidentally left the pot out last fall.  I went over to check on it, and the lavendar wintered over!  It is the first time I have been able to save it.  When I had a ‘real’ garden, it was never an issue, but with a flower pot garden, it has been.  I think my mistake was in trying to winter it over in the house.  This lavendar is alive and waiting for spring with the rest of us.
2018-03-21 11.16.48


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