Coffee, Coffee, Coffee–Buttercup Market and Cafe

I am back with another coffee report.  I had a post planned for last week, but my plans were changed abruptly.  I postponed my trip.  I spent this week deciding where to go next.  I have a good list full of options.

Today I went to Buttercup Market.  I took some knitting, and my Kindle.  I haven’t been here for a while, but it was good to re visit.  It is a pre-requisite of coffee shops that the baristas must be friendly.  Buttercup Market scored well.

Buttercup Market is near campus, and on a ‘non Easter’ Saturday I am sure it would be crowded.  I wasn’t alone there, but I did have my pick of tables.  There were three girls near by, and I heard them say they were all invited to an ‘Easter’ sleepover.  It sounded like great fun.

I also ran into a dear friend, and we had a great talk. I got some knitting done, and enjoyed reading my Kindle.  I go to coffee shops and local restaurants to be near people, but not have to interact with them if I want to.  I work a job that is customer service/people heavy.  Down time is re-charge time.

In a world that is full of ‘sameness’ it is such a delight to explore those places in my town, that are unique to my town.  I have said I will not profile Starbucks, because to me, if you have been to one, you have seen them all.  They have done a good job of promoting coffee places, but in my town, we have had local coffee places for many years.  I first enjoyed my coffee and great times with friends in a coffee shop in the early 80’s.  It had been there before that, but we started visiting it on Friday afternoons then.  I will visit it again soon, and give you a report.

Celebrate and enjoy the places, the scenery, the people that make your town uniquely your town and your home.  Happy Saturday!

4 thoughts on “Coffee, Coffee, Coffee–Buttercup Market and Cafe

  1. I also go to local coffee shops, at least once a week. Ours (Prescott, AZ) run the gamut, from steampunk to Starbuck’s (which I rarely visit). If you get down this way, my top three recs are Wild Iris, Ms. Natural’s and Cupper’s.

  2. Thank you very much for that input! I view Starbuck’s as a ‘why bother?’. If you have been in one, you have been in them all. I have visited the original store in Seattle when I have been down to Pike’s Place Market. It is nearby. Exploring local haunts is such fun!

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