Coffee, Coffee, Coffee-the Liquid Planet

I met my friend at the Liquid Planet today.  The Liquid Planet is the home base store.  This store opened in the late 90’s or early 2000’s.  It had a unique idea-beverages of all kinds from all over the world.  They sell coffees, teas, beers, wines, juices, bottled waters from all over the world-a liquid planet.  They sell their own coffee mugs and other accessories.  It is worth exploring.

They are a great coffee shop.  People chat, read, study.  It is downtown and gets people stopping in from work, shopping or the Farmer’s Markets on summer Saturdays.  My daughter and I were there on a now infamous Monday night in 2016 when we had a major storm with category 1 hurricane force winds.  It was one of these events that forever after you remember it by where you were.  My daughter and I were at Liquid Planet.

I mention frequently that we are lucky to have many local coffee shops, bistros, cafes and other gathering places.  The employees must be friendly.  The baristas today were great.  There is music playing, but the music doesn’t overwhelm. The coffee is tasty.  They sell baked goods and sandwiches, also.

Lorelai Gilmore didn’t know what she was missing. She had Luke’s Diner, and occasionally one other shop.  We have many wonderful shops, each one fits a mood, a need.  I enjoy sharing them with you.

Local is always interesting. I regret that so many chains have done so much to choke out the great local places.  We live in a world where sameness is prized and uniqueness is scorned.

I have settled into a rut.  When I decided to do  this blog series, I realized it would start to force me out of my rut.  It would give me something to share, and unexpectedly has made me think beyond a cup of coffee.

Happy Sunday!  Enjoy your beverage of choice.


3 thoughts on “Coffee, Coffee, Coffee-the Liquid Planet

    1. I hear you! We actually had a Starbucks on our main street. It closed down-not enough use. There were 3 local coffee houses within two blocks of the Starbucks and they got the business. One of them is the one I write about above. The pictures I posted weren’t even particularly good, but come on! Starbucks or here? Enjoy your local coffee houses. Would love to hear about hem. If I am ever in another town, I check out their local hang outs.

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