Coffee, Coffee, Coffee-Burns St. Bistro

Burns St. Bistro is not a coffee shop, it is a bistro.  I included it because it is a great place to gather.  They do serve excellent coffee-exceeded only by their excellent food.  I met a friend there today for brunch.  The bistro was once a warehouse, so ceilings are high and so are the windows.  The light is excellent.  I did not have my knitting with me, but I have taken it with me and seen others knitting there.  The plants and the light make is a very pleasant place to share a meal with friends, or sit and read.

Their cooks are imaginative.  It is a great neighborhood hang out, but many of us in town extend the neighborhood, so we can hang out there, too.  The bistro is bordered by town houses with a great grassy court.  They have tables on the outside and in the spring or summer it is great fun to watch the kids play in the grass.

I love to show up there, enjoy good coffee, a sandwich or breakfast and good company.  One of the local coffee roasters supplies them with coffee.  I will be visiting and reporting on that roaster.  Many other local gardeners, cattle ranchers, bakeries supply goods.  They emphasize local.  Local is good.  Local makes for unique.

Many years ago we took a train to Buffalo, New York.  Montana to New York is a long ride.  One of the things I noticed, and it saddened me, is that as we rode through many small towns the housing developments all looked a like, the country was being overcome by ‘sameness’.  The unique qualities that defined one location over another were disappearing.  The many years later, that is even more true than ever.

That is one of the reasons I am celebrating our local coffee shops.  I celebrate their uniqueness.  Each one has a specific personality.  Even though some have more than one locations, most of them celebrate their individuality.  We do have Starbucks here, but I won’t be writing about them, I have been in all three locations, as well as in other cities-I still feel like they rubber stamp each other.

In a time when so much is the same, I celebrate the unique.

3 thoughts on “Coffee, Coffee, Coffee-Burns St. Bistro

  1. I adore coffee shops, too. I write in them all the time. There’s one tiny one around the corner from my home that serves a different kind of toast every morning. Sometimes there are berries on top, other times, avocado and sliced egg, etc. There’s nothing like a quaint, cozy coffee shop.

  2. Thank you for your great comment. One of the shops I am going to visit serves different toasts.

    I live in Montana, in a university town. Coffee shops and craft breweries are on nearly every corner. I love visiting different coffee shops, I sit and knit and read. I watch the people around me, enjoy my coffee and chill. There’s a dynamic in coffee shops that fascinates me. The inspiration for this series came from watching what everyone else was doing. It made me want to explore, and analyse.

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