Coffee, Coffee, Coffee-the Liquid Planet Grille

Coffee shops and craft breweries fuel this town.  We are a university town, and that may contribute to that fact.

Earlier this week I re-visited the Liquid Planet Grille.   There are six locations that offer sit down seating.  Each location is unique.  I will visit most of those locations.  The original location is downtown.  They are unique.  They sell coffee beans, teas, beers, wines, sodas, juices-if you can drink it-they sell it.  They bring things in from all over.  When I report on that location I will give you more details.

The Grille is across the street from the University campus.  You can guess who most of their customers are.  I usually stop in for breakfast. I always see students, but morning seems to be more social hour than study hour.  The baristas/servers are great fun, and they usually have two tip bowls.  You can ‘vote’ with your tips.  This week’s choice was ‘Winter’ or ‘Spring’.

I have places where I go ‘by myself’ and places where I meet my kids or other friends.  This is great for both.  I have not brought my knitting, but I have spent pleasant time with a cup of coffee and my Kindle.  Spring, Summer and Fall offer a really pleasant patio for those who like to eat outdoors.  They are not only across the street from campus, they are also on the edge of the neighborhood.

A good cup of coffee or tea, a good book, my knitting, a pleasant place to relax….I have many options here. Does life get any better?


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