Coffee, Coffee, Coffee-Dog and Bicycle

If you are a fan of ‘The Gilmore Girls’ you will recognize Lorelai’s ‘coffee, coffee, coffee’.  Lorelai had Luke’s Diner to feed her addiction.

We have numerous opportunities!  I decided it would be fun to break out of my ‘City Brew’ habit and visit around.  I have visited these places several times, but needed to be reacquainted with them.  I am NOT a connoisseur, so you will not be getting a review of the taste of each coffee.  I am more interested in the atmosphere of each place, and the people that like to go there.

Another consideration for me is, ‘Am I comfortable knitting there?’   That is obviously not a consideration for many people.  I love to read and knit in coffee shops.

The Dog and Bicycle is named because it is in a new development along the river.  We have a river running right through the middle of our town. Yes, if you are a fan of Norman  MacLean, you are familiar with his book, “A River Runs Through It”.  That’s my town.  There is a big development along the south side of the river.  Condo’s with the ground floors available for businesses.  The upper floors are residences.  Across from these buildings are a bike/walk trail and baseball fields.

Dog and Bicycle is a neighborhood place.  I love the atmosphere.  The baristas are friendly, and you can sit and study. I would bet I am going to find students studying at every location.  Wireless access, laptops and tablets make it very appealing to get out of your dorm, the library or your apartment and go study.  You can study alone or with friends.  The Dog and Bicycle has more single tables and only two tables that are 4 or more people friendly.  They have counters, easy chairs and board games.  There is a nice collection of board games.  What fun, coffee and Clue.

Today, there were several studying, and couple of people that appeared to be discussing business and two couples that were visiting.  I sat and knitted, read and observed.  The lighting in there is fantastic.  High ceilings, high windows, local art on the walls.

I had put this place on the back burner of my mind, but it is right back up there.  I will be going back.   The photo below is not from the coffee shop.  While I was there, I forgot that I would want a photo.  This is a ‘stock’ cup of coffee photo.  Will be more selective next time.

Enjoy your coffee!



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