Radio Silence

I am not ignoring you. I have been quiet, simply because I haven’t really had much to say.  I am working on an idea for a new post.  It will need some research.  When I tell you about my idea-and the research involved, I and hear you saying, “It’s a touch job, but someone has to do it.”

I spend a lot of time and one particular coffee shop.  I take my Kindle and my knitting there.  I can sit there and knit, and read.  I sip my coffee and enjoy my surroundings.  I have watched my fellow patrons, and everything they do at this particular coffee shop.  One day and idea struck!  What do people do at the other coffee shops in town? I need to find out.  Are there specifics to each shop?  Each shop has its own personality.  So…it’s off on a research adventure I go.  Planning is just beginning.

I live in a town in the Rocky Mountain west.  My town is mountainous.  It is also a university town.  Make that a University town.  The U pervades much of what make my town what it is.  One thing common to this town are an abundance of coffee shops and an abundance of microbreweries.  I would love to do a series on the microbreweries, but I work swing shift, and research is limited.

I am looking forward to this project.  It serves no real purpose than to satisfy my curiosity and share something with my readers that isn’t depressing or political.

An overview:

Preliminary research shows that there are 18 coffee shops in town.  Several of them have more than one location.  Two of them are franchises.  One is international and the other is home state based.  The rest are all locally owned.

Research will begin this week.  I hope everyone that reads this is having a good weekend and that the weather is cooperating.  It is cold and windy here.  I have been busy knitting.  Knitting keeps me sane, especially in the winter.

Ta-ta for now.

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