The Rainbow Bridge

You bring the adorable kitten, the playful puppy, the tweety bird or rescue home.  As you walk through the door with your new pet that first day, you know that this day will come. The day that your beloved pet/friend leaves this life.  The day it crosses to the Rainbow Bridge.

For my cat, Marble, today was the day.  She was 14, a calico cat.  Her coat was rich and lovely. In her heyday she was 17.5 lbs.  The vet recommended a diet and I got her down to 11 lbs.  Today she weighed less than 5lbs.  She has been moving toward this day for a long time.  She wasn’t quite ready.  I worked with her diet. Getting her to eat anything she wanted to eat.  I cooked more for her than I do myself.  Yesterday when I got home from work, it was obvious that she was nearing her end.  I get off work at 11pm. So, today, I called the vet.  I took her in, and while we were waiting for the vet to bring the shot in, she slipped away.

We adopted Marble and her sister, Maggie, on a warm, sunny, fall Saturday.  They were kittens. Marble, a calico, and Maggie a tortie.  They were very close, loved each other very much.  They would cuddle together to nap.  They talked to each other.  I loved the fact that they were close, because they had each other when we were at work and school.

Maggie slipped away in the fall of 2013, leaving a sad Marble behind.  Marble decided that I was her new Maggie.  From then until the last few days, where ever I was in the house, Marble was near by.  She loved to help me knit, watch me read, watch tv with me, sit near my feet if I was on the computer, and sleep with me.

I have, at various times listed all of the pets in my life.  There have been many.  Marble has the distinction of being my last pet.  I am a renter, and in my town it is easier to rent if you are pet-free.

The companionship of love of each of the dogs and cats in my life has helped to shape who I am.  One of my earliest memories is helping my dad pick out a golden retriever puppy.  I was two, and those 8 week old puppies seemed as big as I was. I was in an enclosure with them, and I remember pointing and saying, “that one.”   We had a big gray cat, and then a new puppy.  The gray cat was with us from then until I was 18. The puppy grew up and was a wonderful dog. She was with us until I was 14.  We always had at least one cat and one dog in the house.  I remember having two cats, and one of them gave us kittens.  Tammy, the golden, had a ‘false pregnancy’ and decided she was those kittens’ nanny.  They were well cared for.  Tammy eventually had 9 puppies.

July 1968 we were heading home from Helena. We rescued 6 kittens that were sitting by the side of the highway.  We brought them home and eventually found homes for them. We kept ‘Fritzi’ When I moved out, she came with me.

We were adopted by two other cats, and my mom found one of the a home, and we kept one of them.

I got married, and we had a cat.  She was a rescue, and didn’t live with us very long. Eventually we adopted another cat, and he was a favorite.  He was followed by two more cats, a dog, and her puppies.  We kept one of her puppies. He was a delightful Rottweiler/Golden Retriever cross named Mousse. He was with us for 17 years.  I remember helping his mother birth him. He was puppy number 2, and Molly was a teenage mother.  She looked at him, and you could see her thinking, “I just did this’. So, I cleared the sac away from his face and held him up to her so she would clean him.  She went on to produce a total of 10 puppies. Eight of them survived.

We also had a delightful African Gray Parrot. She keep us company and provided us with many great stories.

My life has been animal rich.  Animals teach us compassion, love, acceptance. They are excellent company, entertaining.  I consider my life so much richer because of all of the wonderful animals that have contributed to it.

Marble, you were a lovely girl, and loving companion. You leave a  big hole. I am comforted that you aren’t hurting.  You leave me richer because you were in my life.


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