I have been quiet. I have been doing some organizing, some knitting, some thinking and not much blogging.

Quiet is good. I use quiet to let my mind just float wherever it wants to float. That can be scary. It can be funny.  I challenge you to take some quiet and watch the way your mind works.

Sometimes my writing reflects my mind. I can jump around, or I can zero in on a specific subject.  The news has been full of tidbits that make me want to think carefully before I speak.  I rarely feel like I know enough about a subject to speak about it.  Perfectionistic tendencies? You would not call me a perfectionist if you graded my housekeeping habits.  However, when it comes to righting, to opining, I never know enough.

I remind myself that we learn by doing. I have put a lot of ‘doing’ in my knitting. I have learned much through that doing.  I am working, through this blog, on putting some doing into my writing. I want to express myself. I want to express myself better.

Sometimes my knitting induces quiet, and sometimes it induces reading or listening to a book. With my Kindle, I can knit and read at the same time.

Writing is different. I requires thought and planning.  I have read books by Natalie Goldberg and Julia Cameron about writing. I think the time to re-read them and put some of their ideas into practice has come.

I will probably be posting much of this on my blog.  So…get ready. I have no idea what you may be in for.

Here are a couple of seasonal photos…

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