On Hiatus

I have taken a brief hiatus to do some organizing, and planning. The landlady had new siding installed on the duplex I rent. I looks lovely, and I will post before and after photos. The process was noisy. I hated the noise and escaped whenever possible. I prefer to blog from my desktop vs. my phone.  I can blog from my phone, but am not fond of typing on it. So…blogs are short and not always sweet.

How do you do with the time change? It always knocks me for a loop, and this one is no exception.  I don’t sleep well until I adjust.  Not sure why, but last night’s sleep eluded me.  I get to go to work, and it will be a later night. I am meeting a friend tomorrow, and some very precious family members on Thursday.  Both meetings will be earlier morning-so sleep is good.

My hiatus will probably continue for a few more days, and then…keyboard ‘in hand’ I will return.

Heigh Ho, heigh ho…..it is off to work I go.

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