Whirling Thoughts

My Kindle is completely re-organized.  I can find my books more easily.  I belong to two sites that offer free books. I have accumulated enough free books to insure I needed to re-organize.  This project took longer than I expected, and I have ignored many of my usual routines, to finish.  I am glad it is finished.

Fall always brings out an organizing mood.  I have reorganized my Kindle, am getting ready to tackle my clothes and my knitting patterns.  Wish me luck in these endeavors.  I am also busy knitting red scarves for Reach Higher Montana.  If you follow my knitting blog you will know that Reach Higher targets high school seniors that are aging out of foster care. They work with them the summer before senior year to help them plan their future, help them get into college. They de-mystify the process.  Then at Christmas the students get a care package.  This package has all kinds of goodies to use in their new ‘home’ or dorm. It also includes a red (or partially red) scarf. The scarf has been knitted or crocheted by another Montanan and includes a note of encouragement. I knit as many as I can between September and Thanksgiving.  It is fun, exercises my creativity and makes me happy to help someone.

Tonight at work was fairly quiet.  I enjoyed my interactions with the people I check into the motel.  I did my chores, got some reading and a bit of knitting done.  It was a good shift-if only I could remember that it was Thursday and not Friday.

Before work was a series of chores. No one told me the siding guys were coming today. They were supposed to be her two weeks ago.  So…I stayed up very late last night, and they started ripping siding off the house at 8 am this morning!  I decided to escape early, and run errands before work.

I can’t believe that October is nearly gone.  Where did it go?  I say that about every month-they seem to go faster every year.  Time escapes me.  I realized a long time ago, the the sameness of the days is why time seems to go so fast.  Not much changes from day to day so they pass in a blur of sameness.

Well, I have blathered enough. Good night, sleep well, friends.


2 thoughts on “Whirling Thoughts

  1. I’m with you on the Autumn organisation. Just as Spring is for cleaning! I’m trying to reduce the amount of clutter and “stuff” we have. It will be an ongoing job…

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