I haven’t been to Glacier Park in years.  Monday was a beautiful fall day, and we took a trip.  The Going to the Sun road is closed for the season, so we chose Polebridge and Bowman Lake. We finished with Lake McDonald and Apgar.

The sun was shining and the larch are changing color. The aspen leaves were a lovely yellow.  It is too easy to forget how beautiful it is up there.  I love driving with my kids. We had such great conversations.  They are all three delightful people.  I loved spending the day with Beth and Bry, but I missed Joel.

A stop at the Polebridge Mercantile is a must.  We got sandwiches for lunch.  We wandered to our heart’s content, and then it was on the road.  We saw some people on the road and at the lake-taking advantage of a lovely fall day.  The tourists are gone and the locals come out to play.  Snow is coming soon, so taking advantage of these beautiful days is a must.  The road into the lake is a typical Montana road-narrow and winding.  The lake is beautiful.  We walked along the trail, and each view was spectacular.

The absolute quiet made me realize how noisy my world is.  If we weren’t chatting as we hiked the stillness was absolute.  No car noises, no music, even the birds were quiet.  I forget how much I love the stillness.

We walked 3/4 mile around the lake, and then back.  We had a great picnic lunch, and the headed to Apgar, and Lake McDonald.

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