I have discovered a place for new explorations! Where?  Here!  I have ‘owned’ this blog site for 7 years, but have only started utilizing it.   I am learning as I go, and loving the journey.

Part of my explorations involve finding out what other people are talking about.  I am finding people I want to follow, people I love to read.  Each visit to my reader involves discovering new people.

I am a single woman. I work full time. I have a few friends, but life altering events removed my main social group fifteen years ago.  My job is heavily people oriented, so I am not as eager to find a large group in town.

I am dipping my toes in activism, and that meets my ‘group’ requirement.  Finding people here, at WordPress, has been so exciting.  I found someone I know from FaceBook here, and am totally enjoying her posts.  I have found a fellow cat lover. She posts the best cat pics.  I am exploring a little bit more each day.

I have a request.  If you know of a site to suggest-please put it in the comments.  I am happy to explore your recommendations.

I am also starting to explore the symbols above my text.  Explorations to come.  I am having fun in a new world.

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