The Outside World

One of the reasons I started blogging again was to help record what is going on in the outside world. I can then use it as a reference point.

I came home from work last night and noticed that it was cold. Not just cool, but cold. I had a sweater under my fleece, and I was still cold.  I got home, warmed up and went to bed.  This morning I wake up to news that there was snow on the mountains around town.  This is unusually early for snow on our town mountains.  The last time we had snow this early was in the 80’s.    Weather fact-recorded for future reference.

I live in a state where the seasons change.  Sometimes gently, sometimes dramatically.  This year seems to be dramatic.  We had fires and temps in the 90’s   September 12th the high was 90. Today the high is expected to be in the low 50’s.

I have noticed that the leaves are changing, but they do it more gently.  The wind has caused some of them to fall.  The days are noticeably shorter.  Fall is here.

You spend so many of your early years in school and so it seems like the year begins in the fall.  Changes are in the air.  I am looking forward to some ‘hunkering down’ time.  We hunkered down to learn.  Now I hunker down to reflect, to knit, to read, to savor the life I have.  Is it the life I imagined I’d have? No.  I do love my life.  I love my kids beyond all reason.  Each of them is a delightful adult and they make my life richer.  I am grateful for each of them. The ones I birthed and the ones that were birthed into my heart.

Hunkering down helps me to draw strength.  The world is not one that is pleasing. I realized that I have to do my part to help change it.  It might be letters, faxes, emails, phone calls to my Senators and Representative. It might be signing a petition, marching in a march.  I know we need to keep fighting for a just world.  This is the time for me to hunker down and gather strength.  Still making my calls, but also doing some inner reflecting.

Fall and winter are sorting times.  I plan to sort through my possessions and share the things I no longer need with someone who does.  Time to tidy, time to knit.

And as always-work.  The motels quiet down, too. There are fewer travelers on the road.  This time of year I get to visit with our guests more.  I enjoy that. I hear great stories, meet fascinating people.  Some stories are joyous and some are sad.  I do what I can to help them.  It may be a suggestion for somewhere to eat. It may be a smile and a welcome.  The quieter nights are appreciated.  They help me gather strength for the next onslaught.

Leaving you with some fall photos….


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