It’s National Coffee Day! Bonus: Other Thoughts

Happy National Coffee Day! I drink both coffee and tea, so celebrating National Coffee Day is a just for fun celebration.

I spent the morning at one of my favorite coffee shops.  I live in a town with many coffee shops- and it is impossible to have only one favorite.

It is a lovely fall day.  The sun is shining and the leaves are beginning to change.  Watching the leaves change is fascinating.  I don’t know (and I don’t want to know) what causes the leaves to change to the colors they do.  I like to think of them selecting new clothes.  One final glory before a long winter’s nap.  I have been taking pictures of the leaves as they change, and I posted them yesterday.  I won’t bore you with the same photos today.

Color is important to me, and I savor color.  As a knitter, I ruminate over the colors for a particular project.  Fair Isle knitting is particularly fascinating. I always choose an uneven number of colors.  Some will be background and some will be pattern. Then deciding when each color is going to change, and trying to do it, so I don’t have a stripe look.

Nature does an inimitable job with color.  Someone very close to me is an extremely talented artist.  Rae’s use of color is inspiring. It add so much depth to each portrait. I savor each Instagram post of progress like a savor a rich cup of coffee or my favorite Market Spice Tea.

I also enjoy seeing people who die their hair ‘non-hair’ colors.  I have a friend that has beautiful purples mixed into her hair.  I decided that when I retire I am going to have my hair dyed purple and pink one time.  Or maybe purple and teal, with pink highlights.  I have years to decide.

I am very glad I have decided to blog.  Holding myself to finding something to say every day forces me to pay attention to my world. It helps ground me.  Finding ideas, ‘blatherings’ to share with you, forces me to share them with myself. It also helps me keep a record.  Have you noticed that it is so easy to say, “I will never forget……” only to forget it rapidly?  That is me.  There is much I don’t want to forget.

About the time I signed up with Word Press I was reading Julia Cameron and Natalie Goldberg.  I think it is time to revisit them.  I won’t ever write the next great novel, but I want to be able to express myself.  I use my knitting to do that, and now I am adding my writing.  I also like to color. (I told you color defines my world) Coloring relaxes me, it also helps me study how colors work.

I have a pragmatic streak-hence exploring colors through coloring-I get a page that can be used as a piece of stationery.  Knitting expresses me, but creates something warm for someone.

It is time for me to get ready to face my work day.  I have enjoyed sharing some thoughts.  Happy Friday to you & Thursday to me.



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