Your Thursday is My Wednesday

The world views the work week as Monday through Friday. Saturday and Sunday are the weekend.  How many of us live a Monday-Friday work life?  My work week is Tuesday through Saturday.  Professional office jobs are Monday – Friday.  Most other jobs are not.  If you work in retail, much of the medical field, food, hospitality your businesses are open seven days a week.  Some of them are 27/7/365.  I work at the desk of motel. My work week is a swing shift.

This suits me, because I am non-traditional in many ways.  I miss events that happen on my work evenings. I get to stay up late, and sleep late. I have been a night owl for many years.  My first job was a graveyard shift. I learned night owl ways then, and have never looked back.

So much of what we think of as ‘normal’ is really normal for a small group of the population.  Far more people work int retail, hospital or walk in clinics, restaurants, motels than work in offices.  The office work schedule is considered ‘normal’.

Does anyone remember the meme: “Normal is just a setting on your washing machine”? Like many memes-that one nails it.  Normal is what is normal for you. What is normal for you is not necessarily normal for me.

Your normalcy ends where mine begins. At this point I could go several directions with this post.  I am not going to go much farther than to leave this with one caveat.  Anyone’s beliefs that result in injury, death or intimidation to others  are wrong! They are not normal, by any definition of that word, and I oppose them with every fiber of my being. I have seen first hand the brutality that evil pours out.  IT IS WRONG.

I will probably muse about these topics again and again, but this is enough for today.  I will leave you with some upbeat, kind images.

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