Words & Music

A Facebook friend dared us to post our ‘guilty pleasure’ songs today.  I couldn’t pick just one.  I am a reader, and words are my catnip.  I love stories.  The music I love best tells a story. I prefer to listen to a book from Audible than music, but I have lists of songs that speak to me.

I posted Carrie Underwood’s ‘Before He Cheats’.  That one hit close to home. I didn’t do what the voice of that song did, but I understood the motivation! I couldn’t stop with one, so…back to You Tube I went.

‘Snoopy vs. The Red Baron’ was my next guilty pleasure.  I remember when that song was on the radio.  I can still sing it loud & sing it proud nearly 50 years later.  I was rocking that one! I couldn’t stop with two-so one more time.

My final stop was Don MacLean’s ‘American Pie’.  I also remember when this one was brand new.  I can sing along with that one. If you know that song-how long it is, that is not bad!

I didn’t add this one, but another of those is Melanie’s ‘Brand New Key’.  We used to rock to that one when it came on the radio.  We’d be driving up and down the drag and singing whatever song was on the radio at the top of our lungs.

Music has an important magic-it can take you right back to where you were when…..listen to an oldie and am 13 or 15.  Remember that wild crush on…

I love listening to ‘oldies’.  Oldies are a magic carpet ride to my yesterdays.  I can feel the joys and sorrows of my teen age self.  My friends and I are more innocent that the kids of today.  Growing up in the late 60’s and early 70’s was definitely growing up in a simpler time.

I love the internet now. I use it daily.  I use social media to keep up with the people in my life.  People that are there from different parts of my life.  High school friends, friend from later, friends from now.  I keep up with cousins.  As a lousy letter writer, Facebook and Instagram help me stay up with people.  I use Twitter, and I am blogging.  I use the internet.  I am profoundly grateful that I did not have the internet growing up.  A bit of dichotomy?  I don’t know.  I cherish the simpler times.  I don’t want to relive them, go back to them. I do want to remember them, to savor them.  Oldies can help me do that. Oldies stir the pot.  One memory after another floats up to the top.

I may not listen to music daily, but it touches me. It helps me find expressions of myself.

I like to end my post with a photo.  Tonight’s photos won’t have much to do with music, but I will share them with you.


6 thoughts on “Words & Music

  1. I am 33 years old, but grew up with a dad in a rock band. I love the oldies more than any other genre of music. I have actually been listening to Don McLean a lot lately. I can’t get enough of “Vincent” and “Crying”.

  2. Great blog! I listen to music all the time while I’m writing and Don McLean’s “Vincent (Starry Starry Night) figures in my new novel. Love that song! Susie sent me and I’m so glad she did!

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