Summer Is Now Fall

The change from summer to fall usually happens with one storm.  It has been fall for a week now.  I am getting used to being cold, to using the heat, defrost and rear window defrost in my car.  I bought the car this summer, and this is the first I have had to use these cold weather accessories.   I am getting used to them in the new car.

I have my coat out, and my shawl/scarf that Bethany brought me from Guatemala.  I love it, and I am happy to wear it.  I am preparing.

In Montana, fall usually comes quickly.  If you live in Butte, you have been dealing with snow.  We have had all of the rain over the last week that we didn’t get in July or August.

It has been a crazy summer. I have worked extra hours, we have had terrible fires, and I am happy for a change.  I don’t honestly remember ever being this happy about summer’s fading away.  This is the first year I haven’t complained about the early cold.  That tells you have bad the fires were, how hot and dry summer was.  Leaves haven’t changed yet, but temps are cooler.  All of the signs are pointing to Fall.

Spring seems to slip in slowly-but Fall descends rapidly.

Well, I am yawning, and I have morning plans. Farmer’s Market and clog shopping.

Good night.

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