Farmer’s Market and New Shoes

The heat, smoke and downtown construction/destruction put me behind schedule for Saturday Market visits.  Bryan and I went to the original Farmer’s Market instead of the Clark Fork Market this morning.  It was a lovely visit.  I saw Debbie, and bought a tasty cup of coffee from her.  Debbie has worked at Butterfly Herbs for a long time.  I have known her from there.  Butterfly was the first espresso shop in Missoula.  I drank a lot of latte’s there. I also loved their teas.  In my herb tea days, they were the first place I tried ‘Evening in Missoula’.  I also love to buy herbs and spices there.  They were the first place to sell in bulk.  Their selection is wonderful.  I forget what great fun the shop is.

We wandered around the market, and picked up a few things.  The pastries called our names, We found a table to enjoy our goodies. We were right behind the Dahlia’s table and I decided to take pics of the dahlias. Rondi and her husband have the stand. It was really good to see her.  We had a great chat. I took some photos of her beautiful dahlias and took 3 flowers home.  I was chatting with Rondi when my dad and two of his friends walked by.  I haven’t seen one of them for years.  He is my dad’s ‘oldest’ friend.  They have known each other since grade school.  His daughter was my first friend.  Unfortunately, Laurie passed away from complications of MS years ago.

We then went to Hide and Sole.  I needed some new wool felted clogs.  I found a great pair.  They will be great for work, and warm for winter.  I was really happy to find them. I put them on in the store and have not taken them off.

After the market and Hide and Sole we stopped at Butterfly Herbs.  I found some lavender flowers so I can make some more potpourri bags.  I stash them in my yarn bins to protect from moths.  I also found some lavender shampoo.  Can’t wait to try it.

I had a great time, and realized that I need to get out in the community more.  I have a lot of connections, and lot of memories.  I think that is part of why I hide now.  I miss the community that Missoula used to be. The place she was in the 70’s and early 80’s.  I miss her.  The answer to that is to make new connections.  I have made a few.

We walked thru the people’s market and I had a great chat with a fellow knitter.  I know her from somewhere, but I can’t place where.  That happens when you live in the same town for your whole life.  You make connections through school, jobs, churches, clubs, interests and when you lose track of someone, you can’t remember which connection (or connections) they are from.

Ingrid had beautiful knits.  It was great fun to look at them.  All in all-a pleasant Saturday morning.

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