What Matters

“In the end, only kindness matters”…..is a line from her song, ‘Hands’.

That phrase came to me as I was sitting and trying to think about what I want to say.  Kindness is a choice.  We choose to be kind to one another.  Kindness is unselfish.  It is simple to be kind, but it means acknowledging that in that moment that person is more important than you are.  Since we humans are inherently self centered-kindness becomes a choice.

Kindness isn’t big and showy-it is letting someone go ahead of you in line. It is smiling at someone, or holding a door. It is NOT showing impatience.  Doesn’t mean you don’t feel impatient, it means you don’t let it out.

Quieting myself to listen is a huge challenge for me.  My mind wants to jump around to what I want to say, what I want to add to the conversation.  For me, kindness is quieting myself to listen.

I am not the most important person on the planet. That sentence reminds me of school punishments-writing sentences 100 times. Maybe we each need to write that sentence a few times.  I have a feeling I am not the only one that fights to quiet myself, I am not the only one that harbors that deep, dark, secret conviction that I am the most important person on the planet.

My ego likes to be fed. I don’t know how much it needs to be fed, but it does like it.  Kindness matters.  Kindness that doesn’t expect a return on the investment matters.  It is true kindness.

My brain keeps dancing around the chapter in 1 Corinithians about love.  It is short and sweet-it is all about what love is.  Love is kind.  Kindness is love’s hands and feet. It is a form of communication.  When we are kind we are telling someone that they matter.  They are important.  There really isn’t an importance scale-one that measure my importance against yours.  Each of us is important, but none more important than another.

I am making a resolution to treat everyone I meet with kindness. To make sure they matter to me.  Join me in my resolution?  We can start a ‘kindness’ revolution.

Adding these photos ‘just because’.


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