Today did not go as planned.  That is all I am going to say.  I talked about it a bit on my knitting blog, and won’t repeat.

I am sitting here, just before bed and my mind is wandering.  I am not sure I should do this, but I am going to take you on a journey through my mind.

I just finished hot chocolate, and it was tasty.  Becky posted on Facebook about a very good hot chocolate that doesn’t raise blood sugar. I want it.

It is cold.  I am not complaining, merely commenting. I am wearing a sweater to work tomorrow.  I didn’t tonight, and I regretted it.  I am also trying my new coat out tomorrow.  I feel the heat and the cold more than I used to.

I want to start my reading project.  I have some books that I must read.  Some of them are on my Kindle, some of them are on my iPod-they are from Audible.  Some of them are ‘real’ books.  I am ‘schooling’ myself in subjects I have lost track of.

I am determined to keep my mind active.  I read like crazy, knit and study.  I also color.

I have plans for a trip to Whitefish in early October.  I am going to see Bethany and maybe use my Senior Pass to go into Glacier.  I am even taking a day off work for this trip.  I am excited.  I haven’t been out of town for anything ‘fun’ since Sept. 2012.  Spent a few days in Newport, Oregon for a wedding.  It was a time I still treasure.

So…if I sit and start typing, there are some of the places my mind went.

Happy Monday-now Tuesday!

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