Seasons Change

The season change always catches me by surprise.  Up here, in Montana, that change can happen overnight.  Our family has always called the final summer storm the ‘season breaker’.  This year the season breaker wasn’t as ‘thunder & lightning’ dramatic as in previous years.  This year, it was two days of hard rain after a very hot, very dry summer of no measurable rain for six weeks.

The temperatures are cooler. I am wearing my hoodies again.  I am also wearing socks. I am happy to be wearing warmer clothes.  I have been drooling over them for a few weeks. I got very tired of 90 degree days.

I am also enjoying my first two day weekend since July 3.  I work as a 3-11 desk clerk, and summer is our busy season. We were short handed, so I agreed to work 6 day weeks to help out.  I am back on 5 day weeks for the most part.  Time to settle into the fall schedule.

I am staying busy, and will be catching up with home stuff.  Today, I ran a couple of errands and have made some knitting progress.  I will be talking about that on my knitting blog.

It always amazes me how much colder temperatures feel in the fall, vs that same temperature in the spring.  I know why it is this way, but it always takes me by surprise.  It isn’t colder. It is the difference between being used to colder or warmer temperatures that causes the reaction.  Of course, you knew that.

Today I saw Lolo Peak for the first time in weeks.  It took me by surprise.  One of the big fires started on that peak. It is the southwestern sentry 12 miles south of town.  It stands watch over both Missoula and the Bitterroot valley.  It has been on fire and causing mayhem for weeks.  It was such a surprise to see it back again.  I was driving or I would have snapped a shot of it to share.

The fires are calming down. Rain and cooler temperatures are exerting some control. Though they won’t be truly dead until snow.  Which we have had in our mountains.  I have never been more thrilled to see snow in September.

Each season of the year has certain traits, and fall begins the slow down to winter.  For some, it is time to take stock, for me, it is time to prepare for cooler days.  In years past I have made jams, pickles, frozen veggies from our garden.  Those days are gone.  I miss them, but no longer have the garden space or the family to feed.  Now, my preparation is more mental. I have books I plan on studying, projects to finish.

I have also become more politically active than ever in my life.  So, I try to keep track of what is going on, what my Senators and Representative are up to.  I also don’t hesitate to share my thoughts with them.

I appreciate having a bit more time for myself.  I am happy to see fall come.


These are photos from previous falls. Our leaves have not turned yet.  Using this photos to set the mood.

Good night!

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