A Few Thoughts at the End of My Work Week.

Pets are the best.  We had a delightful 5 mo. old pit bull puppy in the motel this weekend. He came up to the desk often for visits. He loves everyone, and must cuddle everyone he meets.  Seeing and petting guests’ pets is a perk of the job that I truly love.  Guests don’t realize how often that bit of attention calms me-after dealing with a difficult guest, or a problem.

Pets are a big part of life.  Marble is always delighted to see me after work.  She discusses how hungry she is.  After she is fed, she likes to snooze near me.  If I am at the computer she sits on a nearby chair.  If I am knitting, she sits on the arm of the couch, or on my lap.

I have had many cats thru the years, and several dogs.  Each one leaves fond memories.  I can use those memories to relate to others, to cheer myself up.  Those memories are precious, too.

Animals add so much to our lives, and I am so grateful they are part of the world.  Pets, wildlife.  We have both squirrels and crows in town. Neither are native to the town, and they do not get a long.  Some of the best battles are between a squirrel and a crow. I love to watch them battle it out.

We have deer all over town, too.  One winter night I came home from work.  I don’t get off until 11:00 pm, so it is late when I get home.  It had snowed a little bit that evening. I was walking up the sidewalk to my front door. There were both deer and housecat tracks going up the walk.  I don’t know where the deer went, the cat likes to come and sit outside the window to visit Marble.

As I sit here typing, pet stories are rushing up to the surface of my memory. I won’t share them all.  Someday..but not tonight.

Most of the people tonight were nice.  I helped a woman connect to the wi-fi.  She didn’t want to come over to the desk, so I went to her room.  It took less that 5 minutes, but she was so grateful, you would have thought that I had given her a treasure house full of gold.

My co-worker and I were talking about how little effort it takes to be kind to other people.  We both work at that kindness.

I am happy to have my first two day weekend in many weeks.  I plan to enjoy it thoroughly.


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