Happy 86th, Dad!

Today is my father’s 86th birthday.  He is spending his day golfing in a tournament. The Dylan Steigers Memorial Golf Tournament.  Bryan and I took him to breakfast yesterday.  We were talking about the possibility of rain.  He told us he knew we would have rain.  I asked him why he was so sure about that.  He responded, “Because I am golfing in the tournament.”   He was right.  We have had rain! More rain than in a long time

I watch what’s going on in this world, I talk to friends about their lives, and I am more and more thankful for the parents that I was blessed with.  Both Dad and Mom taught us tolerance.  They taught us acceptance.  They gave us the respect of letting us make our own choices.  Dad isn’t a real cat lover, but Mom was.  Dad took wonderful care of each of our cats. I remember when one cat was elderly and refused to come in the house. Dad would heat bricks, wrap them in towels and put them in her little house.  He did this several times a day. My mother was deathly ill, and he was also caring for her.  He is not and never was pretentious.  He taught me that who people were inside was so much more important that what they were outside. More and more I realize what  gifts he has given me.  I am so proud to be his daughter.

Mom has been gone for 22 years.  She, too, was a huge influence, and I miss her.  I am so glad that Dad is still with us.  His father died when he was in his 50’s, but at 86-Dad is still strong.  He might argue that he is not as strong as he used to be, but he is still strong.

I am adding the most recent picture I can access of dad He is standing with Joel. This was a couple of years ago.  Dad & Joel….2015-08-30 18.17.04 (2)

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