Last Night’s Sunset-Amazing!

Sunday’s skies were clear and beautiful, the sunset amazing! This morning, the smoke is making its way back along the horizon lines.  The news is filled with stories of fire’s growth. The clear skies, the wind that made yesterday so beautiful is also fire’s friend.  Rumors of rain and snow later this week abound.  I am taking a wait and see attitude.  Many times, the weather forecasts 4 or 5 days out were perfect, only to change for the worst the closer we got to that day. If it rains heavily or snows heavily in the mountains, I will dance with joy!

This isn’t our first bad fire season, but this one has lasted the longest. It has brought smoke to ‘my skies’ (Missoula skies) in levels we haven’t seen in a few years. My state is on fire.  The devastation won’t be fully measured for a long time.  I have seen comparisons to the 1910 Fires, and I realize I need to study those. I don’t know much about them.

I have a list of books to read, ones that are intended to educate me in areas I don’t know much about. Waiting for work life to slow down a bit, so I can hunker down and read, knit and relax a bit.

Today, the sun is shining, the weather is not so hot.  I have to get ready for work soon, but I am enjoying the sun.

I published this and then looked at the date.  Sept. 11. The clock radio went off that Tuesday morning. I was waking up, time to get the kids off to school and me to work.  The news was on.  I still remember the DJ broadcasting early reports about a plane crashing into the World Trade Center.  It was 7 am in Montana, 9 am in NYC.  Not much was known. I flew out of bed, and got the kids up. We turned TV on to find out what was happening.

That morning was to be our first trip in our new car. We had bought it the night before, and were so excited!  The terrorist attack turned our attention to more serious, scary things.  NYC was a long way away, but I had online friends very directly affected. My best friend, Denise, has family back there. Her family was very directly impacted by the attack.

Today, I take a minute to remember.  9/11 joins 11/22/63, 4/4/68 and 6/6/68 as days to stop and remember where I was, what I was doing when I learned that JFK was shot, MLK was shot, RFK was shot.  Days of sorrow seem to rest in our memories more than days of joy.



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