Sunday Is My Weekend-knitting with a chance of cleaning..


For the present my weekend is Sunday.  Technically it starts at 11 pm Saturday and ends at 3 pm Monday.  I go into my weekend with huge plans,and usually accomplish nothing.  I spent my morning at City Brew knitting and reading.  Plan to spend my afternoon doing a few house things, and knitting.  I have several things to work on.  So…I am eagerly planning some Knitting and either Netflix or Audible.

I like to help Reach Higher Montana, so today I bought my yarn for their Red Scarf campaign.  They give each of their students a gift basket at Christmas.  Each gift basket has a handmade scarf. The scarf has to have red in it.  It can be solid red, or have red in it.  I bought my yarn today.  No solid reds this year.

I am also working on Bryan’s sweater.  That is my highest priority.  Aran knitting is new to me, and requires great concentration.  I have had to frog it once already. Planning other projects.  I am also working on Maggie’s afghan.  It isn’t difficult, just too bulky for hot weather knitting.

I am opening another page, calling it WIP-a knitting diary. Plan on keep track of my knitting.

Today is the first day I have seen the mountains and sky in awhile.  Fires are still blazing, but for the moment, we can see the sky, the mountains and the sun in Missoula.  I forgot how bright the sun can be.

NOTE:  the photos posted on top today. I am not sure what I did for that to happen.  Usually they post underneath.  So, a bit of explanation.  Photo 1 is the Aran sweater I am knitting for Bryan. As you can see-a long way to go.  Was farther along, and had to start over.

Photo 2 is today’s blue skies.

Photo 3 is 2016’s Red scarf project.  It is fun to knit the scarves and fun to know someone gets to wear them.

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