Saturday Is My Friday

I am getting ready for work.  Saturday is my Friday-I am so looking forward to my day off.  I have plans…we will see if they happen. If you are tempted to bet on them happening…I will warn you, they usually don’t.

I do plan to knit. I have some housework to take care of. If it were not so smoky everywhere, I would plan a day trip.  I do want to go up to the Garden of the 1000 Buddhas.  Maybe this fall.

We plan our lives, and then other things happen.  Sometimes those things are major and affect many people-things like massive forest fires, hurricanes, earthquakes.  Sometimes they are minor incidents that affect you and only you.  This has been a summer of major events.

I used to love summer, eagerly anticipate it. Between the crowds of summer travelers at the motels, the heat, bugs and fires…not so much anymore.

This is the transition time.  My fall clothes are coming out, but it is too early to retire my summer clothes.

I did some errands this morning, and I am happy  to report I have a clean car.  Since I bought a newer car, I have made the resolution to keep it cleaner.  That means a good wash at least once a month.  I love that feeling of accomplishment.

I finished a small knitting project, more accomplishment. I am starting to plan Christmas gifts.  All things to feel good about.  Fall is my time to regroup.  Fall is coming.

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