I have several reasons for keeping a blog.  I want to keep my vocabulary strong, I want to remember things, and I consider a blog like a diary.  I am new to this, even though I have had this account for years.

My life is very insulated.  It consists of family, work and hobbies.  I do now have a car I can trust on the road, so I would like to do a bit of travel.  Six day work weeks will end, the smoke will clear.  We will see blue skies again. I have found I forget what they look like.

Today is the smokiest day in Missoula yet. We passed a million acres yesterday.  Fires do not seem to have any plans on being extinguished-they really are into growing.  I wonder where we will end up, with total acreage burned.  Snow is our only hope.

I have been doing a bit more knitting.  I enjoy it, it keeps me sane, and helps my arthritis.  It’s a win win, AND I get a supply of gifts for people  Someday I will sell my knitting, but for now, I have some must finish projects.  So, knitting to sell is on the back burner.

Marble (my cat) is showing her age.  She is not happy today.  Of course, throwing my sheet and blanket on top of her and tangling her up was not a great start to her day. She let me know that.

Today is a place holder day-trying to blog daily.  I thought take a break from talking exclusively about the fires.

Time to get ready for work…but first-some color…


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