It’s Not Nice to Anger Mother Nature

I have been following Montana fires very carefully since July.  This is a notable fire year.  In the last few days, I have also been more aware of the fires in Washington and Oregon. A friend of mine posted on her Facebook page a darkly hilarious comment about the actions of one or two.  She started with ‘If you ever doubt that the actions of one or a few can make a difference..’  She then proceeded to point out all that is happening with the Gorge fire.  The actions of a couple of irresponsible teenagers has wreaked havoc!  I have also been paying some attention to those who experienced Hurricane Harvey-and now Irma is heading for the US.  I have also heard of tornadoes in the Midwest.  I would say that Mother Nature is not happy!

This is just what is happening at home-the USA & Canada.  What about the rest of the planet? A quick trip to Google brings up an article from the Guardian.  Did you know that 40 million people in Pakistan, India, Nepal and Bangladesh have been strugging with monsoons? Drought in Kenya, famine risks in Nigeria, Somalia, South Sudan and Yemen.  There have been tropical cyclones in Madagascar and Mozambique.  Floods in Peru.  Those are the natural disasters. There are also conflics world wide, and this article in the Guardian talks a bit about those.  (   I have pasted a link to the article, so you can see what I was referring to.

I have no answers, I know that we need drastic change, but I am not sure we can come together enough to formulate and agree to change.  I am not a climate scientist. I do have the perspective of having living my whole life in a single town.  I have seen the changes in weather here.  The winters of childhood started in late November or early December. Snow fell.  Snow fell.  You didn’t see bare ground til late March or early April.  The temperatures were cold, but not unbearably so.  Now, snow falls, melts, falls, melts.  It melted in February this year and didn’t return. We had a rainy June, and no measurable precipitation since.

We have had forest fires for as long as I can remember, but nothing like the 2000’s.  This year is particularly bad.  My guess is that by tonight, the number of acres burned or burning will pass 1 million.

I don’t know if all of this is affecting me, making me think it is unusually bad because it is, or if it is because all of the bad news that has been thrown at us daily since the November election.

Knitting, reading, blogging, talking to and spending time with friends helps me maintain sanity in an insane world.

Closing with a couple of pictures of beauty, to balance all of the ugliness.

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