Random Thoughts on a Tuesday

It is the Tuesday after Labor Day. Traditionally the first day of school.  I spent 13 of the first 18 years of my life in school. The lifetime result of those years (besides a lot of learning) is that I use this as time to reorder parts of my life. I start planning changes, projects, take stock of where I am.  Spring is new beginnings, and fall is reorganizing. January is just winter.  My yearly cycles are not calendar oriented.

The fires still dominate.  We have officially lost more land to fire than covers the state of Rhode Island.  We are slowly getting some coverage of what is being faced. The after effects of Montana Fires 2017 will linger for a long time.  The residents of Seeley Lake have had the Rice Ridge fire as a too close neighbor for 2 months.  What does that do to their mental health? Fear, apprehension and toxic smoke levels as a daily part of life, with no end in sight?  The residents of Lolo and Florence share Seeley’s life.  They don’t know from one day to the next how the fire will affect them.

Hurricanes move through in a matter of hours, or days.  Fires prefer their devastation to build over long periods of time.  Glacier Park lost Sperry Chalet-that is immediately measurable. The losses of wild life, plant and tree life will take time to measure.  And hundreds of years to get some of the timber growth to the levels it was before the fires.  In Houston they are talking about it taking 10 years to rebuild.

These weather events-fire, hurricane, flood are nature’s way of cleaning house. We humans seem to have made that house cleaning necessary on a grander, more destructive scale than was originally intended.  Climate change is a very real threat. We need to stand (as a world) and fight to slow it.  I realize that means changes for all of us. I don’t know what changes, but I do know we need change for the better.

There are serious weather cataclysms that are taking place all over the world. I admit that right now the cataclysm taking place in my back yard takes most of my attention.

I told you these are random thoughts. I have been thinking about more than fires and hurricanes.  The November election woke up the activist in me.  I consider myself a liberal. I have been doing a bit of thinking about my liberalism.  I believe that we owe help to others when they need it. I do not believe that letting the rich become richer, and the poor become poorer is help. I do not belive that much of the Corporate-ocracy that we now live in, was what the Founding Fathers intended.

I will leave you with pictures of two of my current knitting projects.  I am settling back into knitting.  I am making a case to protect my iPod. I love to listen to Audible books on it, and often take it with me.  Just spent $85 on a new glass screen. I decided a few pennies in yarn, and a bit of time was better than continuously replacing the glass.

I am knitting an Aran sweater for Bryan. This is a challenge, because it is out of my knitting comfort zone.  I am posting a picture of it. I had to rip it back and am starting again. My crazy work schedule has interfered with my working on it, but am putting plans in place to spend a bit each day  knitting it.

I have also set myself a challenge to become comfortable ‘blogging’. I feel the need to express myself. Facebook and Twitter are fine, but wanted a venue that allows me to develop new skills.

Happy Tuesday!

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