One more time…

It is September 2017.  I have been obsessed with our fire season. It seems to me, to be unusually hard. In trying to remember previous fire season, I have come to the realization that a journal or blog creates an automatic reference point. So…one more time, I will work on disciplining myself to keep a blog. I will publish this blog, to keep myself honest.

In Montana, fire seasons are part of the summer.  It is said that if we don’t get rain in July, we are ‘screwed’. We got an abundance of rain in June. In July, not so much.  None, a few drops here and there in August, with accompanying winds. So…fire season blew up.  Montana has had a serious fire season. To date over 1500 fires, nearly 700,000 acres burned. (Rhode Island is 813,00 acres) Two firefighters have lost their lives.  Multiple evacuations. Keeping up with all of it is a daunting task.

This fire season covers most of Montana. A statistic I saw today said that 40 of the 56 counties are in a state of emergency because of it.  My own county, Missoula County, is making history with air pollution levels never seen in the US or Canada.  Missoula County has the Lolo Peak fire to the southwest and the Rice Ridge fire to the northeast. The Rice Ridge (and nearby fires) have cause 1100 homes in Seeley Lake to be evacuated and the high school students with attend classes in the Admin building at Paws Up Resort.

Lolo Peak has had several evacuations, as it has affected US Hwy 12 and US Hwy 93.  New evacuations today around Bass Creek.  Bass Creek is a beautiful area, one I have walked a few times.

I realize that fires serve a function in nature’s scheme.  They are part of the housecleaning process. Most of these fires have been lightning caused.  I took a picture this morning.  It is of Mt. Sentinel from the Brooks St. City Brew.  You can almost see the mountain.  2017-09-03 11.58.25

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