Where did 2010 go?

2010 has been a strange year! It has moved by quickly, but strangely. I’m not sure we really had summer. I called it ‘faux’ summer. Spring was cool & rainy. If we had lots of water around here, we could have been mistaken for Seattle! Fall has been strange–as late as last week there were flowers blooming all over. Days were sunny & beautiful. Now…winter is making noises about coming. It is getting cooler. It ‘spit’ snow yesterday morning, or was that Monday morning?

Newswise–the elections seemed to dominate-and they were weird. I am not conservative, so was not really thrilled with these elections. Some of the things being said totally amaze me.

I realized the other day that this election year was the 50th anniversary of JFK’s election to the presidency! That was the first election I ever remember–where have the years gone?

I really wonder where the time has gone–where ever it has gone, it has flown there on supersonic wings!

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