I am very new to blogging, and am somewhat hesitant to share in such a potentially public forum. I am also new to using the WordPress format. Expect things to be simple as I learn to navigate my way around. I follow several excellent wordpress blogs.

The Chinese have a saying: May you live in Interesting times.
We live in interesting times. I admit to being amazed at and dismayed by many of my fellow travelers on this planet. I read a post on FaceBook today. It was posted by one of my friends-someone I’ve known for a very long time. Her recounting an encounter with a teen ager asking her for a dollar astounded me. I am deeply saddened by her anger, and the way she says she talked to this teen-ager. Unfortunately, this isn’t the only ugly encounter I have had or read about. I am deeply saddened. I had hoped that there was a little bit more kindness in the world. I guess not.

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